Artificial intelligence (AI) Opens A New Directions For Tourism

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the latest technologies and entrepreneurs are rushing to better understand the impact of this technology on them. Artificial intelligence makes travel services become fast and flexible. Furthermore, data information is always updated and has a multi-way connection.

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Artificial intelligence will have a big impact on the tourism industry. Many AI will be created to cater to tourists. The receptionist is replaced by face recognition technology, the hotel room automatically adjusts the interior space applications ordered by customers such as temperature and light. Thus, tourists will feel more interesting and comfortable because the hotel meets all the requirements they offer. They even create a language swap machine for tourists who cannot speak the language of that country. This will make it easier for people to communicate with each other. Tourists will be more confident when visiting any country because there will be no language barrier between them and the locals anymore.

The application of artificial intelligence to the tourism industry will make travel services faster, data information always up to date and multi-dimensional connectivity. There will be more and more hotels around the world apply the technology intelligent on customer services. Since the appearance of AI, it has brought outstanding utilities and modern services to customers through their personal data provided when customers book or have demand for entertainment and hotel relaxation.

As the example of AI, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. began rolling out which it calls “ the industry’s first keyless entry system”  at hotels across Florida and South Florida, and including W Fort Lauderdale, W South Beach, Aloft Miami-Brickell, Aloft Miami Doral and Element Miami International Airport. This is the link for the video which is recorded in W Fort Lauderdale shows the convenient of using your smartphone to unlock your hotel room.

 Because of the development of technology, tourists will feel more comfortable when traveling and booking a hotel. Customers can pass by the front desk and go directly to their room, hold their smartphone to the door lock to open it. With the addition of activated room keys on mobile devices, customers can now register, select rooms and access rooms when they arrive by using the HHonors app on their smartphones.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho AI "Artificial intelligence "

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently achieved significant progress. Therefore, more and more businesses boldly use AI-based applications to improve their business models. In the future, global consumers will continue to promote the development of this trend. The emergence of virtual assistants from technology makers in the world will be integrated into a variety of electronic devices, from speakers, computers, smartphones to TVs.

The application of this modern technology enhances hotel productivity. Moreover, it is creating unique travel experiences for the travelers. Visitors can immerse themselves in space like a real experience with this technology.

In the next ten years, these tools will rely more on AI and machine learning technology as they continue to grow and affect the tourism industry more. The next generation of marketing tools will use AI and machines to make communication more affordable than ever.

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