Opportunity and challenge

Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered by the experts as a new development of the economy and it is also one of the factors that make economic growth. The development of technology of all countries around the world will make artificial intelligence (AI) have more opportunities to accelerate industrialization and modernization. However, it also presents many challenges to the development process. In addition, the development of artificial intelligence has brought many opportunities for tourism and other industries through the application of new technologies to the market.

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Personal life and social development are increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence (AI). It includes popular technologies such as smartphones, laptops, traffic control systems and internet search tools. Moreover, this greatly affects the tourism industry. Customers will be more interested in the service experience between themselves and AI. On the other hands, companies will earn a lot of profit from AI and it will help companies grow. In recent successes in Artificial intelligence (AI), it seems only a matter of time even complex jobs that require high intelligence can be taken over by machines. Everyone in the world has paid attention and raised awareness about tourism development. Moreover, the services are upgraded to the quality, security and safety issues for visitors are increasingly ensured safety.

AI technology has positively affected people’s lives and it is expected to continue to grow at a high rate in the future. The typical case is unmanned vehicles that are no longer science fiction; furthermore, self-driving cars will be available in the market in the near future. In addition to saving time to focus on work, a second advantage for unmanned vehicles is improving safety when driving. A lot of human lives can be saved every year because unmanned cars are safer than man-controlled vehicles. However, technology is not always safe. Most technologies can be used to benefit society; however, it can also be dangerous when not used carefully and safely. It can also be dangerous in unforeseen situations. The video below will cover the problems of chance, risk and implications of artificial intelligence in human life.

This intelligence can pose great risks to people if the goal of machines is not suitable for humans. If an AI reaches a sublime level, it becomes a super intellect. At that time, the intelligence of machines is superior to human intelligence in every specific case like creativity, feeling, and social capacity. In this case, the AI will bring an unprecedented threat to existence. Moreover, it is likely to have more consequences than any previous event in the universe.

Currently, we are witnessing the development of AI technology with amazing potential. AI technology is currently behind unmanned cars and unmanned aircraft which will gradually become practical products in the near future. It is essential that we reduce risk in the safest way for tourism industry and specially for society.

In conclusion, the more advanced in the field of AI technology, the more a logical approach. We will have a vision for the challenges related to AI. However, we need strong economic incentives for the development of new technologies that happen as quickly as possible without wasting time of risk analysis.


Click to access Accenture-Why-AI-is-the-Future-of-Growth.pdf



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