For tourism businesses, travel agencies, hotels as well as their customers, technology plays an important role. It is capable of increasing business performance. However, it is important for hotels and travel agencies to update technology trends. If businesses do not use technology, they will lag behind their competitors.

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Automation and self-service are playing an important role in the hospitality industry. Therefore, this is the reason why robots are increasingly appearing as a popular technology trend. The use of robots can lead to improvements in speed. Furthermore, it cost effectiveness and even accuracy.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the most technology trends in the world is the Internet of Things (IoT). Internet of things expects the ability to connect via the internet between devices. It plays a very important role in the travel industry. Moreover, this will increase in the future.

For example, IoT technology can be used in a hotel room. The hotel will provide to customers a device which can connects everything such as lights, heaters and air conditioners.It allows all devices to be controlled from a smartphone or a device that the hotel provided. The video below will explain what the IoT is and how it works.

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

“Virtual reality has exploded in recent years with the rise of virtual reality headsets as well as home entertainment products”. In my opinion, virtual reality has helped the tourism industry very much. Furthermore, It helps us to feel that we are going to a tourist destination.

Travel agencies and hotels have also used this technology in the industry. They especially use 360 degree shared images and videos. Furthermore, this is one of the most promising technology trends for the hospitality industry.

In addition, it allows customers to experience VR before going to specific destinations. This allows hotels the opportunity to introduce their rooms, reception areas and even local attractions on their websites. It will encourage customers to book. The video below will let you feel and understand what virtual reality is.

  • Identification technology

Identification technology of customers is one of the new trends in the tourism industry. It can eliminate obstacles for many customers and help them save more time.

This technology includes fingerprint recognition, face recognition, retina scanning, etc. Identification technology has been used in some hotels. It allows guests to open their rooms with fingerprints or face recognition. Furthermore, It also has been used in some airports.

However, everyone hopes that in the future this technology can allow customers to pay for bills in travel agencies, restaurants and hotels just by walking through the exit. The video below is an example of identification technology. China uses facial recognition in the airport.

  •  Robotics

Artificial intelligence robots are becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore, they are also used robots instead of customer services staffs. Robots are also used for many other reasons. For example, in airports, they can be used to detect hidden weapons.

Furthermore, some manufacturers are also used robots to create smart luggage covers which can follow you. Serving robots, room service robots or reception robots also appear in some of the hotels such as Marriott International and Hilton Hotels.

Moreover, travel agents are using robots to screen stuffs and this helps customers save more times. The video below is about robot concierge at Hilton hotel which is a good example of using robots in hospitality industry.





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