First of all, I’m studying in Tourism industry and the topic that I will choose to explore is Technology/AI.  The prospective title that I will create in my Blog is influence of AI on tourism. The reason that I choose this theme is because a tourism student must keep up with the things that are happening in the world especially technology. Furthermore, it is the most important thing for the creation and development of the tourism industry. Tourism is an integrated economic sector; and it has become increasingly important for economic, social and environmental resource development. In recent years, the tourism industry has made innovations, gradually developed technical facilities, especially about AI. Although many people are afraid of losing their job to the robot in the future, it is undeniable that the great contribution of machines to people makes the world change. AI artificial intelligence can replace employees to answer questions and meet the demand of many customers such as ensuring 24/7 service, accurate and highly efficient service. Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the tourism industry can help people perform manual actions more quickly and easily. Moreover, AI also gives people many new and better choices. People who read about this blog can capture the change of technology not only at the present time but also in the future. In addition, it has been one of the hottest topics in technology in recent years. Readers who like to travel will enjoy the blog posts that incorporate technology and tourism industry.